Eligibility Packets for Summer, Fall, Winter, & Spring

  •  There has been and increase to the Sports Athletic Fee for next year 2017-2018:  

    New Athletic Fee: $205.00 per sport per season

    Effective August 1st, for Fall Sports 2017-2018 


    *All previous sports fees must be paid prior to the participating in the next sport season*

    ASB CARD (ASB Fee $70) must be purchased in order to participate in any sport.

    Sports packets for the 2017-2018 School year are going to be online. You will need to use your Skyward Family Access to login and password OR use the students ID number( minus the leading zero) and last name as username and password. 
    You will be required to submit the following forms to the Athletic Office: 

    1.     Athletic Health Form, which includes the Physical Exam, signed by a physician

          2.     Signature Page

    3.     Emergency Medical Authorization From

          4. Receipt showing you completed the online registration/payment portion 
    For Repeatt Sports, you will need to submit just a new  Signature Page for that specific sport along with the receipt showing you completed the online registration/payment portion.  Remember if it is a non-cut sport payment is due at time of registration, if the sport is a cut sport, payment is required once cuts have been made and your son/daughter has made the team.
    NOTE: If you are transferring from a non-MISD school, please contact the Athletic Office for instructions.

    Registration Process:
    Please log onto:  https://wa-mercerislandschools.org/
    1) Click on Online Payment Box on the MIHS home page (Lower right corner)
    2) Use your Skyward Family user name and Password for access
    3) Select students name
    4) Select "Items at all schools"
    5) Select "High School"
    6) Select "Mercer island High School"
    7) Select "Sports"
    8) Select "2017-2018 Sports Registration and Payment"
    9) Select Registration Forms
    10) Select Forms #1, #2, and #3 for athletics registration.( Even though it says BUY there is not charge for these forms.)
    11) Select Checkout Step 1: Additional Information and fill out the three forms. *** Very Important you must fill out all 3 forms when registering for a sport!!**
    12) Select Checkout. A receipt will appear if you have registered correctly.
    To Make a Payment On-Line:
    (For cut sports, please do not make payment until your son or daughter has made the team) 
    1) Complete Steps above, but select the appropriate sport fee.
    2) Make payment