Sports Registration

  • updated 9/11/2020

                                            Sports REGISTRATION FOR SUMMER, FALL, WINTER, SPRING 2020-2021

    Some of our sports offer conditioning activity BEFORE the sport season begins. If this involves you, please read the important information below, otherwise, scroll down.
    To participate in these activities, please register for that sport with the 2020-2021 initial Eligibility Packet. If you have participated in a sport this school year. Your sports packet carries over to summer actitivties as well any other off season conditioning activities.
    Each school year, it is required  that a new sports egilibity packet be completed. The only item that carries over is the sports physical signed by a physician(they are good for 2 years from the date of the exam).

    See sidebar to your left for the links to: The Student Eligibility Handbook (Must be read prior to completing the Initial Eligibility Packet), the Eligibility Packets link, and the Sports Specific Informed Consent Letters link.


    *All previous sports fees must be paid prior to registrating  in the next sport season*

    The Athletic Office is open Mon-Fri 7:00 am-3:30 pm. 
    Fall Sports Online Registration opens August 1st. 
    Winter Sports Online Registration opens September 28th. 
    ALL students wanting to participate in a Fall Sport, must turn in a sports packet to be eligible to participate on the first day.
    *Note for incoming 9th graders,your sports physicals on file at the Middle School do not transfer to the athletic office. You will need to supply a current physical with your sport packet*
    Please refer to Important Announcement page regarding the changes to each sport season. Please check in with the athletic office if you have any questions. Things are constantly being changed regarding sports during this time.
    * Applies only for Winter and Spring Sports** Repeat Athletes(winter/spring only): You will need to complete the online registration and select your next season sport.  A new signagure page is required to be turned into the Athletic Office for 2nd and 3rd sport.  



    New Athletic Fee: $250.00 per sport per season



    *All previous sports fees must be paid prior to the participating in the next sport season*

    ASB CARD (Fee $70) must be purchased in order to participate in any sport.


    * Please Note: Uniform and Equipment Late Fee Policy: It is understood that when uniforms are not returned in by the designated time set by the coach, a $25.00 late fee will be assessed as well as replacement cost of the uniform and/ or equipment for that sport.


    * Refund Notice (please refer to Eligibility Handbook): If the Athletic Office is notified no later than the second full week of practice, a refund will be given in full. There will be no refunds issued after this date.**


    Important Dates 2020-2021 School year:

    Season Season Begins

    Eligibility Packet Due

    Summer 2020 Sports Activity Each summer activity is different Friday, June 21st 2019 * if you have a sports packet on file in the athletic office, no additional forms are needed*
    Fall 2020 Sports

    Wednesday, August 19th for Football
    Monday, August 24th for all other Fall sports

    Monday, August 17th for football, all other fall sports, August 19th
    Winter 2020-2021 Sports

    November 16th for all Winter Sports , except Gymnastics. Gymnastic 1st day is Nov. 9th

    November 11th for all all sports, Gymnastics Nov 4th.
    Spring 2021 Sports Monday, March 1st February, Wednesday 24th 2021