Mutual Respect and Shared Responsibility Commitments - Mercer Island School Board

  • The Mercer Island School Board commits to:

    • Clearly defining and supporting board process, roles and expectations in policies regarding Board Governance, Operational Expectations, Board/Superintendent Relations, and Ends desired for students;
    • Actively linking with all stakeholder groups in the community;
    • Listening openly until we thoroughly understand all points of view;
    • Communicating honestly and directly, while respecting the channels of authority as outlined in governance policies;
    • Believing in students’, parents’, teachers’, staffs’, administrators’ and community members’ best intentions;
    • Trusting decisions made by members of the Superintendent's staff;
    • As a first step, when confronted with a concern or complaint, encouraging a person to approach and communicate with the source of the concern or compliment;
    • Demonstrating sensitivity to resources, human and financial, required for any initiative;
    • Acknowledging the contributions and efforts of all members of the community, regardless of position and point of view.

    Revised by the Board of Directors
    January 10, 2008