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    Objective of Stats PreRequisite Assignment: For students to review basic statistical topics that should be known before starting AP Statistics, to learn important vocabulary that will be used throughout the year and to give an opportunity to think about situations in which statistical ideas have been used.
    First Thing to Do:  Go to Schoology and add the AP Statistics Summer Work Group. You should do this before school ends.  You will find links to all of the items you need to fulfill the Stats PrePrequisite Assignment.
    Brief Description of Stats PreRequisite Assignment: The packet contains readings, information and also exercises for you to complete.  Use the internet to help you with topics your don't remember. You are expected to read the following articles and you can answer the questions in your packet first.  
    • Summer Work Packet and Information - please sign up for both services: Schoology group and Remind, complete the summer survey, needs to be scanned and turned in to Schoology - a link will be available the first day of class.  It is due the first day of school

    • Data Collection Mini-Project - Start in June to collect the required 20-30 data points. Due the first Friday of class so we can use in Friday's class. Waiting until August will make it very difficult to collect enough meaningful data.

    • Statistics Summer Survey - due the first day of class so we can use the first week of class.

    Interesting Articles about Statistics

    Resources Necessary to Complete Assignment: Nspire graphing calculator and internet access 
    Approximate time commitment during the Summer: 6 – 8 hours
    Due Dates:
    • Do this ASAP:  Join our Remind group called APS: text @adsit to the number 81010
      You’ll receive a welcome text from Remind.  If you have trouble with 81010, you can try texting @adsit to (240) 949-7740.
    • Statistics Survey completed online (GoogleForm) by the first day of school
    • Summer Work packet is due on the first day of class (submitted to Schoology) at the beginning of class.
    • A quiz on the material will be on the second Wednesday of school