Budget Balancing Principles

  • Mercer Island School District #400

    The Board of Directors is guided by three sets of budget planning principles: board responsibilities, district priorities, and decision-making standards


    • Adopt a balanced budget
    • Meet all legal requirements
    • Maintain a safe learning environment
    • Meet bargained commitments to staff
    • Maintain an ending fund balance of 4%
    • Continue a high quality environment and program for K-12 students


    • Preserve basic education programs and staffing levels (e.g., meeting WAC program hours, WAC seat-time hours, maintain adequate scope of secondary programs for students to meet graduation requirements, and continue high eligibility of student acceptance into all ranges of post-secondary institutions, etc.)
    • Focus financial resources on program that directly support the District’s 2020 vision.
    • Minimize impacts on schools/classrooms
    • Retain an essential level of support services for District operations
    • Sustain staff, parent and community support

    Budget decisions should be:

    • Legal
    • Sustainable
    • Timely
    • Cost effective
    • Commensurate with adjustments in student enrollment
    • Evaluated on an ongoing basis

    Approved by Board on February 26, 2009