• AP Chem "Sueperstars" 2016 - 2017

    Katherine Gelsey -  Of keen mind and floral attire, she possessed a trure analytical mind in AP Chemistry. Constantly striving to gain the richest understanding of even the most mundane concepts, she never wasted a moment of class-time, especially with her honors pre-calc work.


    Jasmine Zou – Of remarkable brain and sacred tooth, Jasmine was a true fighter, and I don’t mean with her swords. She showed true grit in the classroom, and was the quintessential perseverant student.


    Miti Parikh – Of extraordinary neural network and uncompromising ethic, she held true to the Parikh namesake without needing to take others down in the process. She will never be forgotten, mostly because she left behind her lab book, which has her name clearly written on the front.


    Ryan Vanderhooven – Of tortoise mind and hare body, Ryan’s scores never failed to surprise and impress. A rare breed of boys LAX, pleasantness, and intelligence, he will give his competition a run for their money (because he’s fast) in the coming years.


    Leah Wooton – Of persistent/relentless mind and tiny body, Leah “broke” AP Chemistry. Like the Golden State Warriors, she will reap championship year after year, but none will be more memorable than the first. She may be the sueperist sueperstar of all the sueperstars.  


    Alexis Agoado - of stupendous mind and lavishly attired body, she treats the idea of a B like the other team's coxswain. Knows what she wants and goes out and gets it.


    Jack Salisbury - of steak-filled mind and hapa body, he utilized his advantage of a cake-walk schedule to dominate this course. Possesses a great chemistry mind.


    Zoe Shiel - Of analytical mind and space cadet body, she made this list because she received over a 97% average over the course of the year.


    Kenneth Wang - Of peaceful mind and (secret) Instagram-worthy body, a classy gentleman and a scholar. There was no assignment he could not dominate.


    Adam Tucker - Of brilliant mind and dad-body, he took the class despite already knowing everything. A very precarious individual who will do well if only he learns to apply himself.


    Honorable Mention

    Valentina Muti - Solid student, so likeable it hurts!

    Emily Kim - Great overall student, classmate, and probably daughter!

    Kendra Watson - So smart it’s scary. Should be herself for Halloween!

    Gabi/Gabbi/Gabby? Kasman - Is mature beyond her years. She was basically the class mom!

    Mary Rose Vu - Constantly juggling commitments and walking a tightrope with heavy course load. Would make a great circus addition!

    Alison Dicketein - Her greatest accomplishment is her humility

    Anna Slaven - Surprising ability if you look past the cockney accent

    Paige Robertson - Missed the above list by a hair! Would she be there if she had worn a pantsuit for her presentation? It’s best not to ask those questions. Great student!

    Annika Evans - She would prefer a life with no safety nets, because only the weak need them. She kicks butt and takes names!

    Sarah Pickles - Imagine a sweet Labrador puppy, plus chemistry aptitude and wonderful manners, minus eating shoes and constantly pooping

    Max Van Gelder - Masterful ability in chemistry, but if he speaks three sentences in a row, Betelgeuce appears

    Leah Paborsky - Like her sister, she aced the course with grace and dignity, but has an advantage in that she had to do it 2 periods earlier

    Kayla Lee - Some might call her mean and lazy, but I found her to be delightful and extremely hard working!