Lunch Information

  • Click here to see this month's lunch menu. Or, download the Neutrislice app for your smartphone to quickly view school lunch menus!
    How much is hot lunch?
    Each lunch is $3.50 per day, which includes milk. 

    If my child brings lunch, can he/she purchase a beverage at school?
    Yes, milk and juice are available at a cost of .50 each and can be purchased in the cafeteria at lunchtime.

    How does my child buy lunch?
    Mercer Island School District has made adding money to your student’s food service account easy and convenient! We now contract with RevTrak to provide a secure site for making online payments. For more information, click here...

    What kind of food is served?
    The Food Services Department prepares a monthly lunch menu that is distributed through your child’s class at the beginning of each month. You may also check the district’s website at any time for an up-to-date look at the monthly lunch menu. Please click the Elementary Lunch Menu link at here to view the menu online.

    The Mercer Island School District recently implemented a Wellness Policy and works in conjunction with our food services contractor Chartwell’s to ensure nutritious and delicious food choices each and every day. Students choose from two to three different entrees each day, with a whole grain bagel offered daily as one of the entrée choices. In addition, as a part of the meal, students are encouraged to “load up” at the salad bar which offers a variety of fresh vegetables including green salad and carrots daily, fresh and canned fruit and assorted condiments.

    Free and Reduced Lunches are available to children of families who qualify. We encourage all families who might qualify to submit an application. The district qualifies for extra funds according to identified numbers of families qualifying for free or reduced lunches. Please click here for more information and an application form.

    For further information about the school lunch program, please feel free to contact Carol Bus, Food Services Director or call 206-236-3306.