The Odyssey

Theory of Relativity
  • The Trojan War is over. Will Odysseus survive the epic journey home to his wife Penelope? He has a sorceress, monsters, gods, and storms to keep him from making it home alive. Once he arrives home, he has to fight the numerous suitors waiting for his wife. Come join the MIHS Drama Department for their fall production of the famous  adventure, The Odyssey, written and adapted by Mary Zimmerman.

    Evening performances November 11-13 and 18-20 at 7pm. Matinee performances November 13 and 20 at 2pm. Tickets can be purchased by following this link. Thank you for supporting Drama!

    November 11, 7pm: Cast Charybdis

    November 12, 7pm: Cast Scylla

    November 13, 2pm: Cast Scylla

    November 13, 7pm: Cast Charybdis

    November 18, 7pm: Cast Scylla

    November 19, 7pm: Cast Charybdis

    November 20, 2pm: Cast Charybdis

    November 20, 7pm: Cast Scylla

    Odyssey Cast List

    Milo Mechem-Miller: Odysseus (Cast Scylla)

    Lucas Vorkoper: Odysseus (Cast Charybdis)

    Kate Petersen: Athena (Cast Scylla)

    Sophia Dondisch: Athena (Cast Charydbis)

    Molly Atkinson: Helen, Melantho, Teiresias, Girl Scout Siren

    Amelie Van Dooren: Phemios, Arete, Eurylochus, Businesswoman Siren

    Christopher Burnside: Laertes, Elpenor, Demodocus, Leodes

    Artemis Wiegand- Zeus

    Carter Gwertzman: Ladonis, Hermes, Hullman, Sailor

    Kylie Drake: Telemachus

    Caroline Thompson: Penelope

    Kyra McPherson-- Denizen of Heaven, Circe, Maid Siren

    Sadie Jensen: Woman, Antinous, Sailor, Bride Siren

    Geoffrey Goffman: Poseidon, Eumaeus, Sailor, Mentor

    MirMattia Ottaviani: Menelaus, Laodamas, Permides, Sailor

    Abby Weiss: Nausicaa, Aeolus, Teacher Siren

    Brielle Gradek: Muse, Calypso, Ailos, Cheerleader Siren, Eurymachus

    Kate Gormley: Eurycleia, Sailor 4, Odysseus’ mother, Nun Siren

    Madi Chew: Neoman, Alcinous, Nurse Siren, Aclippe

    Annabel Rimmer: Nausicaa companion, Sailor 1, Suitor 5, Child

    Alec Martin: Townsperson, Sailor 2, Nausicaa companion, Suitor 6, Young Menelaus

    Zoya Firasta: Halitherses, Phaecian, Sailor 3, beacher

    Giovee Roque: Proteus, Suitor 1, Phaecian, running wake

    Izzy Ferrari: Eidothea, Suitor 2, Phaecian, blue water, sheep

    Yuna Lin: Nausicaa companion, Suitor 3, Phaecian, bordalee

    Greg Chvnany: Seareach, Suitor 4, Phaecian, Eteonus