• Volleyball Frequently Asked Questions 2022

    When does volleyball start?
    We start on the first day of school, after school in the IMS gym. This is our MANDATORY pre-season
    meeting, where we will go over more information about the season and learn how to set up the
    courts for play. We prefer not to repeat this information.

    What if I cannot make it on the first day?
    That is ok...but, inform yourself about what you missed. Find a volleyball friend or teammate and
    ask them to fill you in. When in doubt, ask a coach.

    What do I wear to practice and games?
    For practices, please wear athletic gear that you find easy to move in. Athletic shoes or court shoes
    are preferable, knee pads are highly encouraged. For safety reasons, please do not wear anything
    with spaghetti straps or clothing that exposes your mid-body. Bring a full water bottle.
    For games, you will be issued an IMS Team jersey that must be returned at the end of the season.
    You will need to wear your own black shorts (they need to be primarily black), these can be running
    shorts, sport shorts or spandex-type shorts. You will need knee pads and your own shoes (I
    recommend bringing extra socks and shoes to change into after you play). Bring a full water bottle.
    Is it too late to join?
    We ask that all players commit early to volleyball, so if you have not come to any practices within
    the first three days, and have not contacted a coach about your absence, then we would like for you
    to try again next year.

    How are JV and Varsity teams decided upon?
    We evaluate each player, and then we create the teams based on our evaluations. Our belief is that EVERYONE PLAYS, so we will set you up for success by having you play with a team that fits your skill level.  On a side note, you will have to show up to a certain amount of practices to play in games: 8 practices before you can play in your first game and 2 prior practices before each game. 

    When are practices? When are games?
    Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays: 3:00-4:30 
    Wednesdays: 1:30-3:00 
    Fridays: We will scrimmage! It's Optional (no busses) A great way to get extra touches but not mandatory.
    Coming Soon!

    Do you need any parent volunteers?
    YESSSSSS! We would love to have parent volunteers for everything from game-day snacks to
    referees and scorekeepers. Just email Coach Elise at elise.quinn@mercerislandschools.org

    Do I have to be tall or have experience to play?
    No and no. Some of the greatest players are not of the greatest height, but they may have the
    greatest determination. Also, We are excited to coach and teach new players, we will find a team for you!
    We have an experienced and friendly coaching staff and we’re looking forward to a fantastic volleyball season!