Academic and Student Well-Being Recovery Plan

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    In April of 2021, the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) provided school districts guidance on the Academic and Student Well-Being Recovery Plan that would be required to access funding to support students. This plan, in its first iteration, must be submitted to OSPI by June 1, 2021.  School districts must address the following elements in their Academic and Student Well-being Recovery Plan, using the OSPI-provided template:

    A. Identification of specific diagnostic assessments tools by grade level; identification of student learning and well-being gaps; and focus of additional time, supports, and/or extracurricular activities for students most impacted.

    B. Inclusion of the following student groups in all data included in the Plan: American Indian/Alaskan Native; Asian; Black/African American; Hispanic/Latino of any race(s); Native Hawaiian/Other Pacific Islander; Two or More Races; White; English Learner; Students Experiencing Poverty; Students with Disabilities; Students Experiencing Homelessness; and Students in Foster Care.

    C. Students’ learning recovery (including addressing the needs of the student groups identified above), specifically identifying and correcting disproportional impact resulting from the school building closures and extended time in remote learning due to the COVID19 pandemic.

    D. Provision of additional instruction, student well-being support, and extracurricular opportunities based on an assessment of student needs (academic and well-being).

    E. Additional elements identified by OSPI that are based on evidence of positive learning and well-being outcomes (e.g., balanced calendar, additional school days, additional instruction time, or any combination of these elements). While the examples provided are recommended, the following are required:

    a. Equity analysis in the development of the Plan.

    b. School Board approval of the Plan (e.g., public posting, provide opportunity for public comment as pre federal requirement).

    c. School district must post the Plan on the district website per the federal law, making it accessible for those with disabilities and those in the community whose language is one other than English. 

    The Mercer Island School District has developed a draft plan for submission. This was initially discussed at the May 13, 2021 Board meeting and will be up for a vote at the May 27, 2021 meeting. The draft items can be viewed below, with a link for feedback. As you consider providing feedback, please know that we will be submitting the OSPI template document with our information (labeled "MISD Recovery Plan"), as that is the requirement from OSPI, and that the additional documents are intended to serve as information for the Board, staff, and the community. Over the coming year, these documents will change, as we consider our progress and alterations to our path. 

    MISD Recovery Plan- OSPI Template 

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    Equity Analysis Tool

    Education with Equity and Inclusion

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