• April 12, 2021

    Dear Northwood Families,

    Welcome back from Spring Break.  I hope you and your family were able to take this time to rest and recoup in some way. 

    It has been a difficult year for everyone.  While the COVID-19 pandemic has drastically altered so much of our daily lives, we have also been faced with increasing incidents of hate, violence, and xenophobia in the world around us, from the violence that pushed forward the Black Lives Matter movement to the rising tide of anti-Asian xenophobia in our nation and community.  These incidents, while not new, serve to highlight the inherent injustices in our society, and they have spurred increased awareness of the critical importance of anti-racist understandings and actions in our communities.

    The Northwood staff and I take the safety of our students and families seriously.  In our work, we know that we need to support our students to feel not just physically safe, but emotionally safe, as well.  Please know that we believe that all belong here at Northwood.  You matter.  You are valued here.

    I am saddened to see that as COVID-19 restrictions loosen across the country, there seems to be an uptick in the incidents of racism and violence.  This underscores the importance of our ongoing work for equity, diversity, and inclusion in our classrooms, homes, and communities.  We need to have regular, proactive conversations with our children about race, justice, and inclusion.  Our teachers regularly engage in these conversations with each other and in our classrooms as appropriate, and we will continue to do so.  We will continue to be thoughtful about our library collections and the materials we use in our classrooms as we strive for inclusive representations of all races and cultures. 

    In January of this year, the Northwood PTA hosted a DEI (Diversity Equity & Inclusion) Parent Discussion Night.  At this event, attending parents and community members discussed articles, issues, and concepts of DEI.  The PTA leadership is currently looking at dates/times to host another session this Spring to provide a venue for the community to discuss issues of race, culture, and inclusion.  Please watch the Parliament Press and the Northwood Elementary PTA website for more information.

    If your student is facing discriminatory behavior at school, or if they need additional support processing the challenging world we live in, please encourage them to talk to an adult they trust. We are all here to support your student and your family. 

    Upcoming Dates/Events:

    • April 22 - Northwood PAC meeting
    • April 25 - MISF Spring for Schools Showcase @ 7:00pm via Zoom
    • April 28 - Northwood PTA General Meeting @ 6:00 pm via Zoom
    • May 31 - Memorial Day - No School 


    Aimee Batliner-Gillette

    Principal | Northwood Elementary School


Last Modified on May 2, 2021