• Mercer Island PTA Diversity, Equity, Inclusion (DEI) PRIORITIES 

    Over the past year, a dedicated committee comprised of the above PTA DEI Vice Presidents and other committed community members has been meeting regularly to create a mission statement and develop strategic initiatives for PTA DEI efforts on Mercer Island.  MI PTA Council

    At the council level, PTA has established the following statement to guide our work for the remaining school year and to ensure that we are making progress as a community in our shared goals. 

    The strategic priority for the PTA Council DEI committee is as follows:

    Foster and embrace diversity, inclusiveness, and equity with a focus on respect and acceptance of every student and their family so they can be unencumbered in reaching their fullest potential, in an effort to dismantle institutional racism and other structural inequities.

    As a PTA Council DEI committee, we have also identified the following as key DEI issues:

    • Community Outreach
    • DEI FAQs
    • Student Engagement
    • Demographic Data Collection
    • Information Management  

    Each of the individual PTA local units (i.e., each MI school) is also moving forward on creating mission and vision statements to guide their school's unique efforts in increasing diversity, equity, and inclusion. 

    Mercer Island PTA DEI LEADERSHIP 

    The following DEI VP positions were also created and have been filled at each school as a demonstration of each PTA's commitment and support of the Mercer Island PTA Council's DEI efforts. The names of the Vice Presidents of DEI and contact information for each local PTA unit are provided below, with encouragement for you to reach out to us and your local VPs to share any questions, concerns, and recommendations you may have.

    PTA Council: Kimberly Miyazawa Frank and Angela Bahng

    Mercer Island High School: Julie Ogata

    Islander Middle School: Melissa Danielli and Vaishali Kukreja

    Island Park: Cristina Martinez-Gonzalez and Kiernan Boike

    Lakeridge: Naomi Kaji

    Northwood: Emma Spohn

    West Mercer: Vivian Zhou

    Mercer Island Preschool Association: Danielle Laskey and Nirmal Ghuman

    PTA Unit DEI web pages

    Mercer Island High School Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee

    Islander Middle School DEI 

    Island Park Elementary DEI

    Lakeridge Elementary DEI

    Northwood Elementary DEI

    West Mercer PTSA DEI Mission Statement/Objectives