Student Led Equity Groups

  • The District benefits from a healthy network of active student clubs supporting diversity, equity and inclusion in our schools. Student organizations are essential to 1) support other students that represent historically marginalized groups, 2) develop cultural agility skills, 3) provide student-led input and advisory to the District. 

    Student Organization Profiles

    Asian Collective

    Advisor - Susan Rindlaub

    Officers - Bill Wang, Wesley Ho, Justin Shen

    Statement - The goal of Asian Collective is to discuss and raise awareness of contemporary
    issues regarding Asian communities at our school and beyond.

    Meeting Time - Wednesday @2:30 pm

    Best Buddies

    Advisor - Christine Kenyon

    Officers - Kelley Cotter, Bryn Buist-Haverkamp, Ryan Beebe, Grace Myklebust, Renee White

    Statement - Best Buddies goal is to create 1 on 1 friendships between people with and without intellectual and/or developmental disabilities

    Meeting Time - Friday @5:00 pm

    Black Student Union

    Advisor - Toby Swanson

    Officers - Emily Yang, Grace Galvin, Elsa Lancot, Jacob Grosoff, and Ben Molina

    Statement - Advocating and bringing to light the voices that aren’t heard; especially of the black population that we do have on Mercer Island. We want to spread awareness towards our community about black lives and Black Lives Matter. We want to be the ones to start a change and help educate
    our community.

    Meeting Time - Friday @12:05pm

    Education Coalition for Asian Representation

    Advisors - Amanda Mattocks, Danielle King, and Chantel Torrey

    Officers - Garret Lee, Olivia Guo, Anna Bertlin, Harrison Wang

    Statement - ECAAR's purpose is to educate the public on Asian American history that is often left out of our school curriculum. Members will get to meet guest speakers, develop research skills, develop public speaking skills, plan curriculum, sell bubble tea and soy milk, eat snacks, and more.

    Meeting Time - Tuesday @3:00 pm

    Gender Equality Club

    Advisor - Curtis Johnston

    Officers - Emily Yang, Katherine Francke

    Statement - Gender Equality Club aims to highlight and mitigate gender inequality. From movie nights to protests, card-writing to fundraising, we hope to uplift oppressed voices across the world and advocate for women's uplifting.

    Meeting Time - Monday @12:30 pm

    International Club

    Advisor - Susie Brown

    Officers - Olivia Pangallo, Disha Shah, Musti Agha, Isabella Muzio, Kelly Cotter, Ava Motroni

    Statement - The MIHS International Club is a group of welcoming, energetic,  and fun-loving people who want to share our cultures and learn about new cultures through presentations, films, food, guests speakers, field trips and workshops.  We also support exchange students and students new to the US as well as encourage our ELL to participate and we are always looking for new members of all grades who want to have a good time!

    Meeting Time: Tuesday @3:30 pm


    Lean IN

    Advisor - Charles Kerr

    Officers - Maddy Way, Caitlyn Barber, Caden Schreuder, Megan Clayville, Anna Headrick

    Statement - Our club’s goal is to help educate women specifically about opportunities and different career paths related to women in the workplace. We want to empower women to follow their ambitions and career related goals so that more women can reach their full potential. We meet every other Wednesday to network, discuss various business/career related opportunities, learn about different careers. We hope to attend lean in networking events in Seattle once COVID is over.

    Meeting Time - Thursday @6:00 pm

    Mercer Island Minds Matter

    Advisor - Chris Harnish

    Officers - Joyce Zhang, Noel Hendelman, Sabrina Hubbell

    Statement - Mercer Island Minds Matter is a club at Mercer Island High School dedicated to raising mental health awareness and decreasing the stigma of mental health culture. Throughout the year we will be having discussions on various forms of mental health, resources to utilize, in addition to organizing events at the high school to improve the mental health of our community.

    Meeting Time: Friday @9:45 am

    National Chinese Honors Society

    Advisor - Zhousu He

    Officers - Wesley Ho, Joyce Zhang, Caitlin Liang

    Statement - Chinese Honor Society's purpose is to promote Chinese culture, traditions, and language at MIHS.

    Meeting Time - Thursday @3:15 pm

    No Place for Hate

    Advisor: Lisa Deen and Jeff Jones

    Officers - 

    Statement - 

    Meeting Time - 

    Queer Straight Alliance

    Advisor - Lori Emery, Dani King

    Officers - Percy Batalov, Maggie Pettersen, Kate Petersen, Ren Woodward

    Statement - The QSA provides a safe and welcoming place for LGBTQ+ people and allies! We do a lot of different things — advocacy, spreading awareness, helping make the school more inclusive, and even just being a place to hang out!

    Meeting Time - Wednesday @3:15p

    Sexual Assault Awareness

    Advisor - Cynthia Yost

    Officers - Sydney Schwartz, Hannah Heydon, Kaya Jaecks, Rosie MacKinnon

    Statement - The sexual assault awareness club is a club that not only spreads awareness to sexual assault and victims but also fundraises to help people affected by sexual assault. We have so many plans for this school year and can't wait to share them!

    Meeting Time - Wednesday @2:15 pm

    Spanish Honors Society

    Advisor - Evelyn Jimenez

    Officers - Renee White, Joshua Buri, Julia Lebow, Sarah Fredrickson

    Statement - The Spanish Honors Society’s goal is to enhance our members' Spanish skills and celebrate Hispanic culture.

    Meeting Time - Wednesday @12:00 pm

    Student Group on Race Relations

    Advisor - Kati McConn

    Officers - Emily Yang, Grace Galvin, Elsa Lancot, Jacob Grosoff, and Ben Molina

    Statement - Student Group on Race Relations (SGORR) aims to uplift minority voices and address racism, micro-aggressions, and more in our high school. We connect with various culture-based clubs at the high school and allow students to create committees on what they are passionate about. Members can address anything ranging from better lessons on anti-Semitism to more comprehensive curriculum on the Civil Rights movement.

    Meeting Time - Friday @12:05 pm

    Women in STEM

    Advisor - Laurie Schwartzberg

    Officers - Lili Szafir, Kelly Hillard & Eden Voss, Catherine Zurawski, Elsa Lanctot

    Statement - The purpose of Women in STEM Club is to encourage girls at MIHS to confidently pursue careers and interests in the field of STEM.

    Meeting Time - Thursday @2:15 pm


    Advisor - Litza Johnson

    Officers - 

    Statement - The Justice & Understanding Support Team is focused on making sure IMS continues its growth in becoming a school that is a safe, welcome, and happy place for students, staff, and families of all backgrounds. Let's make a difference!

    Meeting Time - Thursday @3:15 pm


    Advisor - Litza Johnson

    Officers - 

    Statement - QUILTBAG is Islander's Gender and Sexuality Alliance. All LGBTQIA+ students and allies are welcome!

    Meeting Time - Tuesday @3:15 pm