•  This page will provide you and your student the information needed to be able to ride to and from MIHS for the remainder of this school year. There have been significant changes to MIHS bus routes and procedures as we have adapted to the protocols to safely transport students during the pandemic:Orange Hybrid Learning.

      • Students are no longer assigned to a specific bus route/bus stop. Rather they must sign up for a particular bus by using this interactive map: MIHS Bus Stop Map 
      • The interactive map will allow you to find your preferred bus stop, look up the Bus Route #, arrival time, and exact location of the stop as well as a link to sign up for bus service. Instructions to sign up for bus service
      • Students are REQUIRED to SHOW THEIR COMPLETED HEALTH ATTESTATION to the driver prior to boarding each morning. Students will not be allowed to board and will be instructed to return home if they cannot show proof of the health attestation for that day. Links for completing the DAILY health attestation can be found below or on the MISD Transportation Dept. Website. 
      • For this school year METRO BUSES specifically routed to MIHS will NOT be in use and ORCA cards will NOT be issued to MIHS students. (Metro Rt. 204 that normally serves Mercer Island is still operating and can be used to get to MIHS on its regular schedule, with regular fares applied.  (Very limited ridership due to social distancing. Visit King County Metro website for information.)
      • MISD yellow buses will now transport all MIHS students living on the island, outside the MIHS 1-mile walk zone.
    • Students are REQUIRED to wear masks the entire time. No eating or drinking on board.
    • As always, be waiting at the stop 5 minutes before the bus is scheduled to arrive, and stand in a safe and visible location.  As this is a new process, please be patient while waiting at the stop. If the wait gets longer than 10 minutes after the expected arrival time, feel free to call Dispatch, 206-236-3338, to inquire about problems on the route.
    • Buses are required to have windows open for ventilation, so dress for warmth.
    • In the afternoon, your students must board the same bus to return to their home stop.

    We are discouraging students going home with a friend on the bus.  If you need to make a change to your stop, please contact transportation at the number above.

    Follow this link for Instructions to complete the Daily Health Attestation online:

    Students should use the mobile app so that they can show the screen to the driver.


    If using the Ipad for the Daily Health Attestation, complete the form online at home, then take a screenshot to show to the driver (since wifi is not available at the bus stop).

    How to screenshot on the iPad

    Students can print and fill out a paper Health Attestation before leaving home, then show to driver:

    Paper Health Attestation