• January 07, 2021        

    Dear Northwood Families,

    Welcome to the New Year.  I hope you had a wonderful few weeks with family and friends.

    Topics included in this email are:

    • Return to In-Person Learning Update
    • Northwood Car Loop & Bus Loop
    • Northwood's January Kindness Focus
    • Northwood International Night
    • Upcoming Events

    Return to In-Person Learning Update

    Many of our Kindergarten students returned to in-person learning yesterday, and we enjoyed seeing them back on campus.  We look forward to our 1st grade students joining them for in-person learning on January 19 as we continue our transition into our “Orange” phase of learning.  More information will be forthcoming to 1st grade parents with additional information about their child’s transition back to campus.  As noted in the Dec. 18 In-Person Learning Update from Supt. Colosky, we are continuing to work with Public Health as we plan to bring more grade bands back to campus in the coming weeks and months. 

    Northwood Car Loop & Bus Loop

    As we return more of our students to in-person learning, it is a good opportunity to review our general procedures and expectations for arrival and dismissal in the car loop.  The Northwood car loop is at the front of the building and is accessed from 86th Ave. SE.  The bus loop at 88th Ave SE cannot be used for K-5 student arrivals or dismissals.  Please review our website About Northwood Elementary / Kiss & Go Zone (Car Drop-off & Pick-up) for more information about protocols and procedures we use to keep our students and community safe in the car loop.

    In addition to these protocols, this year we will also be verifying health attestations before students exit their cars.  Thanks to all the parents and guardians of in-person learners who have been completing their child(ren)’s attestation each morning prior to 8:30am.

    Northwood’s January Kindness Focus

    Each January, Northwood engages in several activities with a focus on Kindness.  As part of our regular social emotional learning, January’s Focus Character Trait is Kindness.  In January, we also observe two public holidays:  Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and Temperance and Good Citizenship Day.  Additionally, we take part in the Great Kindness Challenge from January 25-29. 

    Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. said "Life's most persistent question is: What are you doing for others?"  As part of our observation of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, we will have a school-wide video assembly in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.  This assembly will also kick-off our observance of The Great Kindness Challenge Week.  

    Prior to January 25, your child will receive an Acts of Kindness checklist from their teacher which will provide many different ideas for acts of kindness.  The goal is for students to engage in as many acts of kindness as they can during this Kindness Challenge period (and beyond). Students can engage in these acts anywhere: during school, at home, during activities, at daycare, etc.  It is their job to check off the kind acts they complete (and to keep track of their checklists).  As part of this Challenge, students will periodically reflect on their kind acts.

    To join in as a family, you can create a family focus on kindness through conversations with your children.  At the end of each day, ask what they did to help someone, how they showed kindness, or what acts of kindness they observed others engage in.  You can also download a Family Edition Kindness Checklist from the Great Kindness Challenge website:  https://thegreatkindnesschallenge.com/familyedition#

    Watch for more information about our Great Kindness Challenge.  Let’s work together to build and maintain a community culture of kindness!

    Northwood International Night

    We are looking forward to celebrating our diverse community through our International Night in February.  This year, our event will be virtual, and the PTA is collecting contributions from our families to expand our understanding of various cultures.  If your schedule permits, I hope you will consider taking part in this fantastic community event.  Please see the most recent Parliament Press for more information, to submit a video presentation, or to contact the chair to support in other ways.

    Upcoming Events

    • 1/7/21 - PTA Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Discussion Group, 7pm, see Northwood Elementary PTA website for Zoom link and more information
    • 1/13/21 - Library Curbside Pick-up
    • 1/13/21 - Northwood PTA General Membership Meeting @ 7:00pm, see Northwood Elementary PTA website for Zoom link and more information
    • 1/14/21 & 1/15/21 - Asynchronous Learning Days for 1st Grade Classrooms in preparation for return in In-Person Learning
    • 1/18/21 - Martin Luther King, Jr. Day - No School
    • 1/19/21 - First Day of 1st Grade In-Person Learning
    • 1/20/21 - Library Curbside Pick-up
    • 1/25/21 - Professional Learning Day for Staff - No Elementary School; No Early Childhood Program sessions
    • 1/25/21 - 1/29/21- Northwood’s Great Kindness Challenge Week
    • 1/27/21 - Library Curbside Pick-up
    • 2/21 - Northwood Virtual International Night (watch the Parliament Press for more details)
    • 2/2/21 - Kindergarten Information Night @ 6:00-7:00pm via Zoom
    • 2/3/21 - Kindergarten Registration Begins (online)


    Aimee Batliner-Gillette

    Principal | Northwood Elementary School 

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