Counselor of The Day

  • Counselor of the Day (COTD) fields quick questions and short conversations with students and parents regardless of alpha assignment. If you have a question and do not know where to direct it, swing by a COTD session. Each counselor represents COTD once a week, availability and Zoom links listed below.  As usual, if an appointment needs to be scheduled, Kristin and Edith can help. 

    Counselor of the Day assignment and availability -

    Susie Brown - (A-D) Friday's COTD 9:45-10:15am, 11-11:30, 1-1:30pm & 2:05-2:35pm. 

                       Susie's Friday COTD Zoom Link  

    Susan Sutherin (E-J) Monday's COTD 7:45- 8:30am 

                        Susan's Monday COTD Zoom Link  

    Thomas Welch (K-M) Tuesday's COTD 10:15-10:45am, 11-11:30am, 1-1:30pm & 2-2:30pm.

                        Thomas' Tuesday COTD ZOOM Link  

    Cathleen Johnson (N-Si) Thursday's 9-9:30, 10-10:30am, 11-11:30am, 1-1:30pm &         2-2:30pm.

                       Cathleen's Thursday COTD Zoom Link 

    Jimmy Vasquez (Sj-Z) Wednesday's 9-9:30, 10-10:30am, 11-11:30am, 1-1:30pm & 3-3:30pm.

                       Jimmy's Wednesday COTD Zoom Link 

    A counselor(s) will be available during the first 30 minutes of your lunch hour, every day of the week.

                       Lunch Hour COTD Link