• I am really excited about this new learning experience for all of us! Since connection is so important to me, I want to get to know each of you and your families. That is why I am scheduling family conferences - either in a socially-distanced, face-to-face setting or via Zoom depending upon your family's preference.

    Let me give you a brief introduction, since some of you may not know me. I am Mrs. Julie Langley and I absolutely LOVE teaching fifth grade and working with fifth graders. This is my 28th year teaching and my 21st year teaching fifth grade here at West Mercer. I am a HUGE Sounders fan, US history and Constitution lover, and STEM thinker. I am also a Destination Imagination coach, WA State Senior VP of the Children of the American Revolution, a theatre usher for 15 years (I love musicals!), devoted wife and mom of a high schooler. We are all serious Disney fans – you may have seen our holiday inflatable display, my Disney-inspired wardrobe, and my wayward Disney cocoa mug laying around somewhere. I am counting my time until I can plan our next Disney adventure, as all of our trips were canceled this year.

    Since it is hard to keep track of all of our pets, I will give you a quick run-down. We have three dogs: Kasey (9), Brandy (7) and Blue (1) who just happen to be the best pups in the world. Kasey is a black and white border collie and is always active. Brandy is a bit troublesome, as most Irish Setters tend to be. Last, but not least, comes our adorable golden retriever, Blue. He and our son are best buddies and do everything together.

    As a fifth grader, this year is going to be exciting and memorable. While we will begin the year remotely, I anticipate that we will return to the physical classroom in the near future. Flexibility and patience will carry us through until then. It will be important that you engage in your learning from home as if you were at school. I encourage you to reach out to me with any questions, concerns and fun things you want me to know about you and the happenings in your life. As I mentioned before, I thrive on connection and love creating lasting relationships with my students and families.

    You will have numerous privileges and responsibilities unique to fifth grade. They may look a little different from previous years and differently in a remote environment starting the year. Regardless of the circumstances, you are a fifth grader and will be treated as one! You are going to be a leader of the school, as you also seriously prepare yourself for middle school at the same time. We will be working hard, learning new things, taking safe risks, and having a lot of fun. You will find that I strive to make learning fun and meaningful; therefore, you will engage in several historical simulations, self-select literature at your individual reading level, focus on skills to improve your own writing, engage in exciting and messy science experiments, and dig deeply into mathematical thinking through purposeful math talk and practices. Throughout these and other activities, you will be using technology as a tool to help you learn. We will find a balance between screen time, active engagement, and authentic learning. It will be a tremendous year!