• All About Ms deStwolinski

    Waaaaaaaaaaay back in 2000, I started teaching at Lakeridge Elementary.  In 2008, I spent a few years at home with my daughters.  I've been in Kindergarten at Island Park since 2011 and simply LOVE our school!  Both of my girls attend(ed) Island Park and as a parent and a teacher, I'm sure grateful for this wonderful school community.

    The newest member of our family is part Dachshund, part Chihauhau ... a Chiwinnie.  Rocco is the star of the show where EVER we go.  He's bright, a bit naughty and tons of fun!


    Rocco on a walk

    Our family loves being outdoors, swimming, hiking, biking and enjoying day trips.  We had a very active summer (socially distanced, of course!) and are ready to get back to school routines.


    Looking forward to meeting you and your family - Ms. d