• All the websites below can be accessed through Classlink: 


    Students should then click "sign in with Google" and then use their school Google account:

    Username: first name.last name@misd400.org (example: lindzie.adamson@misd400.org)

    Password: misd.their lunch card number- Drop the first 0 (example: misd.607123)

    1. Typing Agent: Keyboarding

    Students can practice their typing skills to help prepare them for the end of the year SBAC writing test.

    2. Freckle: Math, Reading, & Spelling

    Students can play 3rd-grade math games, read informational texts with reading comprehension questions at the end, or play games to increase their phonological awareness and improve their spelling. 

    3. MyOn: Reading Comprehension

    1000s of e-books specifically at your child's reading level, with comprehension questions at the end of each book.

    *Make sure they only read books in their "recommended" list within the library to ensure they get appropriate reading level material. 

     4. BrainPop: Educational videos and activities on many topics


    5. PebbleGO: Educational articles on many science and social studies topics

    K-3 PebbleGo: https://site.pebblego.com/modules

    3-5 PebbleGO: https://pebblegonext.com/