2021 IMS Summer School

  • Summer School 2021 is an opportunity for any current 6th or 7th grade IMS students who are interested to build skills and practice in reading, writing and/or math. The format will be three Schoology courses available to students, one for each area of study. The format will be completely asynchronous and independent. Teachers have put together short learning opportunities, followed by practice prompts and ending with a way for students to check their work. The Schoology courses will go live on July 5th and will be available throughout the months of July and August. If you are interested in accessing one or more of these courses, please see the joining instructions below.


    Our reading summer course is a great way for students to strengthen independent reading skills while on break. Students will begin by picking an independent reading book of their choice- this can come from your home library, from the Mercer Island Public Library, or you can choose to purchase it! Then, students will use the three weeks of summer school to review their literacy skills. This is great for students who love to read, but also for reluctant readers who need some encouragement! Lessons will take around 30 minutes, and students will be asked to read for 30 minutes each night.


    The IMS Summer Writing Course will be a way for students to build up and strengthen their writing skills over the break. Each week will focus on a mode of writing (narrative, expository, and argumentative) and important aspects of each taught through asynchronous lessons with practice opportunities. At the end of each writing weekly unit will be an engaging opportunity for students to flex the skills they practiced, and they are encouraged to showcase their final products with an outside audience. Daily lessons and work should take approximately 30-45 minutes, including drafting, revising and editing time.


    Our math summer course is designed to give students the opportunity to strengthen their number sense skills when working with fractions, decimals, mixed numbers and integers. The course has an emphasis on 2 areas – operations with rational numbers and equations with rational numbers. Some short lessons will be provided along with practice problems or activities.

    Joining instructions for Summer School courses:

    Use the following join codes to join 1 or all 3 summer courses:
    Math: 4JKC-4PM4-6XX7S
    Reading: XXM7-GBX4-3THXJ
    Writing: V5NT-R9Z5-CZG82


    Login at: misd.schoology.com
    Use your: first.last@misd400.org account
    Select Courses in the top menu.
    Click My Courses.
    From the My Courses page, click Join Course on the right side of the page.
    Enter your access code (XXXX-XXXX-XXXXX). *see above*
    Click Join.

    If you would like more detailed instructions view this article.