• Found Object Art 

    Using things you can find inside/outside of your house, create some beautiful assemblages

    ASSEMBLAGE is a form of sculpture comprised of "found" objects arranged in such a way that they create an art piece.  These objects can be anything organic(natural) or man-made.

    Pick a specific project from the themes below and start building your masterpiece :)

  • Simon Says, "Draw!"

    With just a pencil and paper, follow "Simon's Directions" to create one-of-a-kind drawings that you can color/paint when finished.  

    For even more fun, do this with 2 or more family members. Have one person be "Simon" and have everyone else listen along and follow the drawing directions.  Compare and contrast everyone's final pictures. You'll be amazed at the differences and similarities!

    Simon's "Drawing Directions"



     Artist's TOP 10

    Research an artist of your choice!


    Pick 5-10 art pieces made by an artist.  Sketch each piece and rank them from your least favorite to your most favorite.  Share your findings!

    List of 144 Artists to Know


    A good place to start your artist research!