Zoom - Additional questions you may have

  • What do you (TEACHER) need to do?

    • When you get the invitation email you will need to follow the instructions and accept the invitation. Your account will be associated with your @mercerislandschools.org email. 
    • If using Zoom you MUST use the Education Professional account, as it is COPPA and FERPA compliant, while the Basic accounts are not.

    What do STUDENTS need to do?

    • The app will be pushed to all the MISD issued iPads for Elementary, IMS and MIHS students. 
    • When they click on a meeting link they should “join” in the app.
    • Students will have more freedom in Zoom so you will need to set expectations
      • Use the name you go by in the classroom
      • Mute microphones unless speaking
      • See linked article for a sample list of guidelines: etiquette

    What does this mean moving forward?

    • You will have the option to use Zoom or Schoology Conferences for video conferencing.

    Why would I want to use Zoom over Conferences?

    • Zoom is proving to be superior in Audio from Conferences
    • The gallery view will allow all users (Staff and Students) to view each other’s webcams
    • You will be able to offer one session across unlinked sections
    • You will be able to individually invite students (Counseling need)
    • Parent meetings can use Zoom, while that is not possible in Schoology Conferences at the moment

    How will I use this with students? How do I schedule a Zoom meeting and share the code/link with students?

    • After generating a meeting you can paste the link in an assignment (required participation) or event (Optional ex. office hours).  You can use the same link in unlinked courses to invite students from different class periods.
    • Zoom Instructions
    • If you wish to invite a small group of students you can use email/Schoology Messages to distribute the Zoom Meeting link.
    • Do NOT post links on public websites. 

    What about Closed Captioning?

    • It is suggested that you use PowerPoint or Google Slides (Sharing your Screen) to generate live Closed Captioning in your video conferences. 

    Should I set a password when starting a Zoom meeting?

    • No. Setting a password is an extra layer of security/complexity. If you have posted the link inside of Schoology there is already a password and membership required to get to the link.  A meeting password seems like overzealousness.

    What do I do with my existing scheduled Schoology Conferences?

    • You have two options:
      • You can continue to use Conferences
      •  Or you can remove them and schedule Zoom meetings in their place.  See above for best practices for sharing a meeting link.
    • We recognize that introducing a second Video Conferencing tool will cause possible confusion for students. But, we weighed the pros and cons and decided that the positives outweigh the negatives.

    Wait! I was told Zoom had Privacy issues. Is this safe for students?

    • YES, it is safe for students! The BASIC Free accounts do have privacy issues that made them non-compliant for student use. Upon further review of the Education Professional account privacy policy statement, it has been determined to be FERPA and COPPA compliant.