• Helpful Tips Before Using ZOOM with Students

    Do not post the zoom meeting link on a public website or social media.  You can share the zoom link with parents through Schoology, SeeSaw, Google Classroom or email.  There have been people who use zoom links that are posted on social media to "zoom bomb" meetings and display inappropriate content.

    • Do NOT have a 1:1 video conference with a student.  There may be exceptions to this rule for our Special Education staff, counselors, etc... but just as you would try to avoid being alone with a student in a room, try to avoid having 1:1 video conferences with students.  Invite another teacher or a parent if possible.
    • Ask parents not to put their child's full name as the attendee.  They can use first name or first name and last initial.
    • When students join, remind them to mute their mic until they are called upon.  As a teacher, you have the ability to mute all or unmute all if you need it.
    • There is a chat function in Zoom, let students know that this should not be used unless they are instructed (You will be able to see any messages that are posted to the chat and there is no option for 1:1 messaging between students)
    • Ask parents not to post pictures of other students in the zoom meeting on social media or other online services.