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Offline time is important too!

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    Read every day: read for at least 20 minutes. Keep a reading log to track & celebrate!

    Write every day: keep a journal, write letters, create stories, make cartoons, craft fact flipbooks.

    Exercise regularly: go for a walk or bike ride together, jump, run, stretch.

    Create art often: draw, paint, sculpt, build, arrange items beautifully.

    Make music: sing along to your favorite songs, sing songs you learned in class, practice an instrument, clap rhythm patterns.

    Practice Spanish: try to label items around your house in Spanish, speak greetings and words.

    Talk: build oral language skills and social-emotional connections just by talking together about what you are doing, books you have read, what you notice around you, and how you are feeling.

    Play: exercise your imagination, play a board game, engage with your family and laugh!