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    Adopted Curriculum: Center for the Collaborative Classroom’s Being a Writer and Guided Spelling

    Center for the Collaborative Classroom is a nonprofit educational organization dedicated to providing continuous professional learning for teachers and curricula that support the academic, ethical, and social development of children.

    Being a Writer: The Being a Writer program provides a writing-process approach to teaching writing that interweaves academic and social-emotional learning for K–5 students.

    Using authentic children’s literature, the program provides support for creating a Collaborative Classroom environment where teachers facilitate student discussion, provide a model for the respectful exchange of ideas, and help students develop their own voice.

    Intentional Blending of Social and Academic Learning: Research has proven that when students feel connected to their school and peers, they perform better academically, are more motivated to achieve, and exhibit helpful behaviors toward others. Being a Writer’s daily routines are based on cooperative work and caring, respectful relationships. The program helps teachers take deliberate steps to create a classroom writing community where students feel empowered, supported in taking risks, and responsible to themselves and to the group.

    Guided Spelling: The Guided Spelling program is a yearlong curriculum for grades 1–5 that is based on recognized research in spelling and expands on what our students learn in Mondo’s Phonics. During a Guided Spelling session, the teacher guides students before and as they spell words, which helps develop proficient, metacognizant spellers who are deliberate in anticipating the pitfalls of the English language and who know which spelling approaches to use when writing.

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