Elementary Reading Curriculum

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    Adopted Curriculum: Mondo’s Bookshop Common Core

    Mondo is a comprehensive literacy program that offers teachers all elements of reading instruction. This program allows teachers to differentiate effectively and assess student growth throughout the year.

    Components of Bookshop CC:

    • Whole Group Reading: Supporting deep, analytical thinkers while building thematic concepts and subject-area knowledge.
    • Small-Group Reading: Meeting all students where they are as they practice standards from the whole group in a small group setting.
    • Phonics: Teach phonics through sequential, fast-paced routines that develop foundational skills for proficient reading.
    • Word Recognition/Study: Cover foundational and language standards for proficient reading and writing, teaching conventions of standard grammar usage and complete word analysis.
    • Writing: Developing analytical and strategic writers, communicating ideas clearly and purposefully.
    • Speaking & Listening and Language: Supporting language development throughout the literacy block with thoughtful meaningful conversations. Oral language explicit instruction embedded within lessons and small groups.

    Information is taken from: "Bookshop Literacy Program." Mondo Publishing. N.p., n.d. Web. 29 Aug. 2017. 

    Reading Resources for Parents:

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