Volunteer Guidelines


    The following instructions are in place to ensure that the kiln room operates smoothly throughout  the year.  We ask our volunteers to remember the following when conducting a clay project:




    It is your responsibility to make sure that items taken from the kiln room are put back exactly where they belong.  If you help keep this small room organized, it helps all of us.  PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE YOUR SUPPLIES ON A CART FOR SOMEONE ELSE TO PUT AWAY.  If you need to finish cleaning up the next day, leave a note and come back. 


    Make sure you wash your tools, glaze bowls etc. as needed. 




    If you notice that a specific color of glaze is out or running low, please contact Jennifer ASAP. 

    Please check to make sure that your glaze and clay is in the kiln room at least 1 week prior to your project. This will allow enough time to make sure we have what you need.


    We stock box lids for drying, but it helps if bring in a few prior to your project.


    The large cart in the kiln room belongs to Ellen Hochberg.  The two small carts belong to the Art Enrichment Program (and they are labeled as such).  Please do not use the carts to dry or store your pieces--they must be completely unloaded when your session ends.


    Fabric mats are for table top use with the clay. Use white/grey mats for lighter colored clay like Vashon Gray, and the red mats for the red clay like Vashon Orange.  PLEASE DO NOT MIX THESE UP!




    As soon as you schedule your project, please email Jennifer and let her know your dates.

    Please also mark the calendar in the kiln room with your teacher’s name and the type of firing you will be doing (Bisque/Glaze).  Depending on the type of firing, we may be able to combine several classes into 1 firing.  You should email Jennifer and mark the calendar as soon as you schedule your project.







    Every clay piece must be clearly identified!  The kiln is unloaded by different people and it becomes very difficult to trace unidentified pieces.


    There are two ways to do this:


    1. Line your box lids with paper.  Put the clay pieces in and draw circles around each piece.  Write the child’s name inside each circle.  After the clay has dried for several days, use the special kiln pencil to write the student name and teacher initial on each piece.


    1. You also may use a clay tool to inscribe the child and teacher initials on the bottom of each piece of clay.  You can do this AND use the kiln pencil to be doubly sure the piece can be identified.




    Please dry your pieces in the classroom (on top of cupboards works well).  Do not dry clay on kiln carts or the steps in the kiln room.  When dry and ready for firing, move your pieces back to the kiln room (on the top shelf of the metal shelving unit).  If you don’t return your pieces, they may not be fired when you want.


    IMPORTANT:  Tape a note to your box lid and include your contact information, and, most importantly, the teacher name.


    Finally, never let students into the kiln room unsupervised.  It is very dangerous.


    For questions please contact:


    Jennifer Sidney 206-331-1943



    Ellen Hochberg 206-595-4662



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