• Mercer Island School District uses the Frontline Education Absence Management System to manage the absences and substitute placement.

    When you have applied to be and are accepted to substitute with MISD, you will be invited to attend Substitute Orientation and complete payroll paperwork, including obtaining fingerprints.  Following the orientation, you will be sent an email invitation to set up an online account with Frontline Absence Management ("Aesop").

    Once your account is set up by you, you can log into the website using the user name and password that you create.  You will find and accept substitute jobs using this system.  There are two additional ways to access substitute assignments through the Frontline Education Absence Management:

    • Telephone (your invitation to create an account will include your telephone ID and pin # which correspond to your telephone of record but you may change to another telephone and pin once you create your online account.)
    • Mobile phone app - Jobulator.  This app is purchased by the substitute and may be used to find substitute jobs in our district and other districts which use the same Frontline Absence Management system.

    To log into the system with the user name and password you have created, click here:  Frontline Education's Absence Management system