RSVP (Review Student Verification Process) FAQs

  • Parents and guardians can now verify their student’s demographic information and update phone numbers, email addresses and emergency contacts and complete all the district forms, permission slips and notifications required for the start of school.

    How do I access the RSVP page?
    Login into Family Access:

    Can I do RSVP on my smartphone?
    No. Although you might be able to complete part of the process, you will not be able to complete the entire process on a smartphone. Thus, your submission will not be recorded. 

    What if I clicked on the “Forgot your login or password?” link and did not receive an email with my login and password information?
    Please contact Vanessa Adams, (206) 236-3330 for further assistance.

    I see a message that ‘Only members of the student’s primary family may modify this step.’ What does this mean?
    A student may have more than family listed in our database. The first family listed in the student’s record is designated as the primary family for that student. If you are listed as a member of a family that is not the student’s primary family you will get this message. The primary family, including both adults if there are more than one, has the ability and the responsibility to verify and complete the student’s information and forms.

    As a non-primary family member, you are still able to make changes to your own family’s information or to add emergency contacts using the RSVP process.

    I have an Emergency Contact who is also a guardian of another student (or former student) in the District. A message tells me that they have to change their own information. What should I do?
    You will need to contact that parent/guardian to have them update their own information.

    I am a 2nd household parent. Can I submit RSVP on behalf of the 1st household parent?
    In this situation, 2nd households should contact the school directly. 2nd household parents cannot submit RSVP. They can verify the steps but can't do the final submission.

    I have submitted Emergency Contacts and I get a message that "approval is pending." Can I go to the next step?
    Yes, even with pending approvals, parents have the ability to move to the next step as long as all pages have green checkmarks on the right.

    When I enter an emergency contact I get a message that says, "This person is a guardian and needs to be verified". What should I do?
    The reason this comes up is to prevent duplication of guardian information. If parents wish to use an existing guardian as an emergency contact, the guardian phone numbers need to be verified. Contact your school registrar.

    I have completed all the steps, why can't I submit RSVP?
    Ensure that all steps have a green checkmark on the right to allow submission. If one does not, go to the individual step that is missing the green checkmark and click on "Complete this step and move to next step" button at the bottom. That will add the green checkmark to allow submission. Note: 2nd household parents cannot submit RSVP. They can verify the steps but can't do the final submission.

    I am a parent who is an employee (or a former employee) of the District and I am not able to change my contact information online because a message says that I have to contact Human Resources in order to make a change. What should I do?
    Current and former employees of the district need to contact Human Resources at to update their personal employee information. You can make a change to your spouse, but not your own information.

    I completed the verification process, but the Emergency Contacts change I requested is pending approval. What does this mean?
    Most change requests through the online verification process are reflected immediately on your student’s information. The school’s registrars will need to approve the Emergency Contact changes.

    I received a reminder email saying that I have not verified my student’s information, even though I made changes online. What should I do?
    Please log back into Family Access and select the student whose information needs to be verified. Check the following:
    Is there a green checkmark by each of the steps? If not, click on the step without a checkmark and click the box “Complete step…” button at the bottom of the screen. Click on the last step “Complete RSVP – Review Student Verification Process,” then click on the “Submit RSVP” button.

    Does the system keep a history of all the changes I made?
    Yes. You may access your change history by clicking on the RSVP tab on the left side of the page and then the “View History” link.

    Do I need to supply proof of residency during the RSVP process every year?
    Yes, all families will need to verify residency with documentation annually through RSVP.

    Do I need to submit my child's birth certificate during RSVP? Wouldn't this already be on file?
    RSVP is separate from the Online Enrollment Portal. We do not require a birth certificate upload during RSVP as this was collected at the time of enrollment.

    Do I need to upload my child's immunizations during RSVP? Wouldn't this already be on file?
    RSVP is separate from the Online Enrollment Portal. We do not require immunization uploads during RSVP as these were collected at the time of enrollment.