• Admin Dashboard Overview

    Create (Copy) an Event (PDE text/image instructions)

    Creating/Copying Event with a clock hour proposal *New Aug 2020* (Video)

    Registering users

    Recording and Verifying Attendance (Document 2018)
    Recording and verifying Attendance (Video 3:30 June 2019)

    Bulk Attendance- Sum Sessions Option *Very helpful for large participant rosters and multiple sessions in the events.*


    If weather/something caused a reschedule of a meeting date?
       Notes can be made of the event meeting sessions.  If a reschedule is require, but make a note the altered meeting. 

    I see someone is registered twice for a course?
       Contact the course Presenter or Contact and they can remove you dulicate enrollment. If you are the presenter you can cancel a registration in the Roster section when managing an event.

    I see someone has more than one account (work and personal email addresses) what should I do?
       Email registration@psesd.org  at the PSESD, provide her with all the email addresses and ask her to merge the accounts, so you will only have one transcript. *Best if the email comes from the user with multiple accounts.

    I have recorded attendance. But, the verify check box is inactive, what should I do?
       Contact the Administrator at your site that I responsible for PD. They should be able to help you.