Why is the graduation ceremony being held at Kent ShoWare Center this year?

    This year we are holding graduation at the Kent accesso ShoWare Center because the Key Arena is under construction and not available to rent. When looking for a venue we look for one that gives the best viewing of the students for families, lending itself to a beautiful and memorable ceremony.

    When is graduation?

    Graduation will be held at the Kent ShoWare Center from 6:30pm-9:00pm on June 11th. Students will check in at ShoWare at 1:00pm for rehearsal and doors will open to guests at 5:30pm.

     How long is the graduation ceremony?

    The graduation ceremony will last anywhere between 2-2 1/2 hours. There ceremony begins at 6:30pm and will end no later than 9pm.

     Will students be bused to ShoWare Center in Kent?

    Yes. Students must board the busses to the ShoWare Center from MIHS. The time that students will load and depart from MIHS has yet to be determined. Students will not be able to travel with family members or carpool with friends.


     When will students receive their tickets?

    Students can pick up their tickets the week prior to graduation. Students who are participating in graduation, must have no outstanding fees or fines, and have successfully completed their Senior Check List in order to pick up tickets.

     How many tickets will each student receive?

    Students will receive 4 tickets for free and may purchase additional tickets at a projected cost of $20.00 per ticket. 

    Who can pick up graduation tickets?

    Students must pick up their own graduation tickets. Friends or family members may not, under any circumstance pick up tickets on a student's behalf.

    Why are the students not returning to MIHS after rehearsal?

    Because of the distance to the ShoWare Center, and the time is takes to rehearse there would not be enough time for rehearsal, loading the buses and returning to MIHS prior to transportation needing the school buses for their normal routes at other schools in the district.

     Why can't I see my student prior to the ceremony?

    We will be on a strict schedule to line up all the students in their gowns & caps prior to them walking into the arena. We have to be sure all students are accounted for and in the correct order. If we allowed students to go to their families prior to the ceremony we run the risk of not all students making it back to the line-up on time, thus holding up the ceremony or risk missing the start of walking in.

    What is baccalaureate?

    A baccalaureate service is a religious service that celebrates and honors a graduating senior class from high school. This is not a MISD sponsored event. Time and place is TBD.