• Vicki Pucket

    PTSA Newsletter December 2018

    Hello Islander Parents: Winter is definitely here and Winter sports season has begun. The colder weather has been reminding us we are in Winter season.

    Bad Weather School “Closure” or “Late Start” Information: We are getting into the season when there are more opportunities for bad weather to occur. Please make sure you listen/watch the local news for the closure of schools. Our district typically makes this decision on or before 5:30ish AM in the morning. Also, our website will be updated in the event school is closed or is starting late. If you have a cell phone, there is an app you can upload called “Flash Alert.” The district will be using this tool as a way to communicate with everyone in the district about bad weather.

    Article About Grades: Here is a link to an important (and well written) New York Times Article on grades and false assumptions about grade point averages. I found it interesting to read and thought I would share it with you.  


    Evening Visitors In Building: We have been receiving concerns from our custodial crew that we seem to have visitors in parts of the building in the evenings just wandering. The custodial crew have a lot of floor space to cover cleaning these areas and getting them prepared for students and staff. They are using equipment in these areas that can be unsafe for visitors who are wandering around the building. For safety and security, please stay out of classroom wings when coming to the building for scheduled evening events unless there is a specific event in the classroom(s).

    New Civility School Board Policy (4020 BP Mutual Respect and Civility): We understand that from time to time there are disagreements about school matters. We have had an increase of hostile situations between parents and staff members. When this happens, it breaks down the ability to communicate and closes opportunities for problem solving in a kind, respectful way. When these kinds of matters arise, school staff have been instructed to end the meeting and to seek administrative support.  Uncivil conduct interferes with a student’s ability to learn and the District’s ability to educate its students.

    Attendance Big Focus:  This year our district is working with families and with students to make sure attendance in school is verified. We want every student in school so they don’t miss out on their education. When a student is absent, it is very important to send a written note with your signature on it as the parent so your student can be excused for his/her/their absence. When students have unexcused absences, this can really affect them in their ability to make up missing assignments and tests/quizzes in classes they missed. If you prefer to send an email - just make sure the note is attached with your signature on it. We prefer having the notes come in right away when the student returns to school from their absence. However, you have 5 school days to convert the unexcused absence into an excused absence of your student in order for he/she/they to be able to make up assignments/tests missed. We no longer accept authorizations from parents to excuse your individual student absences beyond 5 days. Contact Barb Hallgren, Attendance Secretary if you have any questions.

    Bridges Events Coming Up: The following is the calendar of upcoming lessons for Bridges next month:

    • Jan. 9: Advisory (focus with Freshmen on strategies for finals) & new ASB Senate Meeting (student voice)
    • Jan. 16: MLK Assembly during Bridges
    • Jan. 23: Finals Week, No Bridges Qtr. 2 ends Jan. 25th
    • Jan 30: New Semester, No Bridges

    Building Closed During Break: December 22, 2018 - January 6, 2019 the building will be closed for the Winter Break. Also, our MISD District Office will be closed as well during this time.  

    Enjoy the Winter Break with your students, family and friends. See you in January 2019! Time flies by. 



    Vicki Puckett