• MLA Citations

    You must cite sources giving credit to the person that wrote the article to avoid plagiarism. 

    1. When citing sources you can use the library catalog for books from the library, but you have to be in Destiny Discover. If the hyperlink doesn't work then go to http://misd.follettdestiny.com. Here is a 1 minute video showing how to get citations using Follett library catalog. 

    2. Below are videos for getting citations from databases (remember the district pays for databases and the content is accurate and reliable unlike the Internet). You need a username and password when you are not at school (email Mrs. Middleton for these if you do not have them):

    • World Book Online
    • EBSCO 
    • Brainpop doesn't give citations, but it will look something like this: "Cesar Chavez." FWD Media. BrainPOP. Web. 20 Dec. 2009. www.brainpop.com/socialstudies/famoushistoricalfigures/cesarchavez/.
      • Put the information in EasyBib to see the format and choose Film.
    • Culturegrams

    3. A citation tool that is free is Easybib. If you go to the root of the URL (delete up to .com); oftentimes you can get more information. Here is a video showing how to use it.