• November 5, 2018

    Dear Northwood Families,

    Welcome to November.  November brings with it lots of change and activity:  Daylight Savings/Standard Time, Veterans’ Day, Progress Reports, Parent-Teacher Conferences, and the Thanksgiving Holiday.  These changes to routine can be challenging for children (and families) to navigate.  We can work together to support students through these changes by sticking as much as is possible to regular routines and attendance at school.

    This message contains the following:
    Outdoor Clothing & Lost and Found
    Universal Reading Assessments and Instructional Support
    Upcoming Events

    We believe that the connection between school and home is vital for the success of students. One of the important ways that we nurture this connection is through annual Parent-Teacher Conferences. These conferences are seen as so important that we interrupt school to provide 3 days for the conferences (November 19, November 20, and November 21, this year). These 3 days are work days for teachers, and if they will not be here during this time they must take them off as personal leave.

    It is a burden for teachers to provide conferences outside of these 3 days. Many of our teachers do their best to accommodate family traveling schedules but please be aware that this is a hardship on them. If you plan to be away during our conference days, please consider a phone or Skype conference (during the 3 work days) rather than asking teachers to meet before or after the conferences.

    We know that there can be extraordinary circumstances that may require a teacher to meet before or after the conference time (a death or illness in the family, etc.) but when 30% or more of our families are making this request it becomes very difficult to accommodate.
    If you haven't yet signed up for a conference, please do so expeditiously as conference week is just around the corner.
    Thank you for working with us for the success of our students!

    Outdoor Clothing and Lost-and-Found
    Please help your children dress for the weather.  Except in the event of extreme weather, students will go out to recess each day. Please help them be prepared with appropriate footwear and jackets that suit the weather.  
    Are you wondering where that new hoodie or jacket went?  Try checking in the Northwood Lost-and-Found.  We have a very healthy collection of lost jackets, sweaters, lunch boxes, water bottles, sunglasses, and toys.  If you haven't found your missing item before conferences, please swing through the hallway by the main office on your way to or from your child's conference to see if you can find what you seek.

    Universal Reading Assessment and Instructional Support
    As a school district, we conduct universal reading assessments three times a year to track student progress and identify students who may need additional support to build strong foundational reading skills and to continue progressing in their reading skills.  At each grade level, we use grade-level appropriate research-based measures to examine both discrete early literacy skills and more comprehensive application of reading skills in text and text passages.  We use the results of these assessments to inform our small group instruction in the classroom, as well as to select students for additional supports through our Learning Support Program.

    The Learning Support Program provides targeted instruction to students in small groups, in addition to their classroom reading instruction, to bolster their skill development.  Through direct instruction, games, and activities, students work on building knowledge and fluency with critical reading skills. 

    We know that students benefit when we work as a team: teachers, parents, and the school administration working together to grow strong readers.  Because our Learning Support Program is a Title I Program, funded by federal government dollars, we ask our participating school/family teams to sign a programmatic Compact in which parents, students, teachers and administrators state that we are all working together to support our students.  Learning Support provides an extra layer of support for students when they need it.  When they demonstrate they can meet grade level benchmarks, they no longer require this extra layer of support and will be exited from the program.

    Upcoming Events:
    11/6 – Title 1 LAP Curriculum Night @ XXX, Northwood Commons
    11/7 – Childfind @ 10:30am-12:30pm
    11/9 – Veterans’ Day Assembly @ 1:20pm, Northwood Gym
    11/12 - Veterans' Day - NO SCHOOL
    11/14 – Northwood PTA Bingo Night
    11/16 - 12:00 Noon Release for K-5 Students - Teacher Progress Report Preparation
    11/16 - Progress Reports available on Skyward @ 5:00pm
    11/19-11/21 - Parent/Teacher Conferences - NO SCHOOL
    11/22-11/23 - Thanksgiving Holiday - NO SCHOOL
    11/29 - Hearing and Vision Screening Day
    11/27 - Northwood PTA Membership Meeting @ 7:00pm, Northwood Commons

    Have a great week.
    Aimee Batliner-Gillette
    Principal | Northwood Elementary School


Last Modified on November 6, 2018