Dear Parents of the Class of 2022,

    I hope this message finds you well and you and your students are settling into the rhythm of MIHS.  I know this is a lot to read, but I think it is important information and hope you will try to make it through to the end!  I have been visiting the 9th grade English classes over the past couple of weeks and I wanted to let you know what we have been doing during those visits.  One of the graduation requirements for the Class of 2022 is a “High School and Beyond” plan.  It is a series of activities to help students begin thinking about their futures and includes learning styles inventories, 4-year academic plans and various college and career interest inventories.  Students will be completing these activities during counselor visits in their classrooms over the next four years.

    Since this was the Class of 2022’s first visit, I talked a bit with students about their counselors, explained how to contact and make appointments with a counselor and what services we offer.   We did a brief check-in about the school year so far and made sure that each student could open their individual Naviance accounts (Naviance is the program we use to administer and track the HS&B Plan as well as track and send documents in the senior year to students’ post high school institutions and/or programs.).  In addition, we talked a bit about the importance of study skills and creating an environment that would help them study better based on their personalities and needs and we talked about how to be a self-advocate with teachers.

    On October 10th, Freshmen will actually take a Learning Styles Inventory on Naviance when they meet during the PSAT administration time.  They will need to be in their assigned classrooms at 8:45 with their iPads FULLY CHARGED!  The Learning Styles Inventory will produce a report with suggestions for creating a positive study environment that will fit their individual needs. The Inventory is part of the HS&B plan and is located in Naviance. Please encourage your student to share their report with you.  It makes a wonderful talking point for you and your student.  In addition, students will take the Career Clusters Inventory also located in Naviance.  This is our beginning point for career exploration and post-high school planning.  Again, please ask your student to share their results with you!

    I encourage you to visit the Counseling Center webpage periodically.  It has lots of information that can answer most of your “nuts and bolts” and “How do I….?” questions about the school counseling program. 


    Susie Brown, MEd

    Counselor A-F

     Freshmen Visits