• Attendance Code

    We have a heavily revised Attendance Code for the 2021-2022 academic year! If you have not already, please review the full updated Student Handbook here. Please feel free to contact our Student Absentee Liaison with questions about attendance or the policy.

    Per Board Policy 3122, students are expected to attend all assigned classes each day.

    Per RCW 28A.225.020 and Board Policy 3122, students who fail to attend half or more of a day's scheduled classes will be considered absent for the full day.


    WHAMMO form found here. Our planned absence form should be used for any absence, tardy, or late arrival to excuse any student who was aware of the absence in a reasonable time in advance.

    Notes can be used to excuse a student when their absence was unplanned. Notes must be submitted to the Attendance Window within five days of the student's return to school. Notes must include the student's first and last names, grade, applicable dates, and the excuse or use this form.