• Safety Tips for Back to School

    Thank you for reminding your children who walk or ride their bikes to school to be extra safety conscience around Island Crest Way.  A few safety reminders to share with them: 

    • Always walk on sidewalks.
    • Use designated paths.
    • Only cross at the school crosswalk where Island Park flaggers and patrols can assist you crossing Island Crest Way. Always wait for traffic to come to a complete stop in both directions.
    • Walk your bikes on crosswalks and while on school property.

    Here a few reminders about parking lot safety if you drive or pick up your child:

    • Keep a watchful eye out while driving in and out of our parking lot. Our staff works hard to help move traffic along.  Student safety comes first.  It is against the law to talk on a cell phone while driving.   Even hands free phone conversations may distract a driver. Our children deserve nothing less than focused, slow
    • Completely stop your car before opening doors to drop off or picking up your child.
    • Always make sure that your children are picked up on time after school and from after school activities. There is no after school playground supervision.

    Thank you so much for your assistance in helping keep all students safe. 


    David Hoffman
    Principal, Island Park Elementary