• Leadership Ambassadors is a program of 50-60 students at West Mercer that focuses on building student confidence, creating a welcoming environment for our community, and providing a leadership opportunity for students in second through fifth grade. Students involved in the program will be responsible for greeting peers in the morning, assisting in after school events, and supporting new students.

    Interested students will be able to sign up for the program starting September 5th. We will then be hosting a lunchtime training where students will learn how to positively greet and communicate our WM before school procedures with their peers. Beginning October 1st, students will work in groups of 3-7 each morning. Leaders will be responsible for greeting each person who comes to West Mercer. As need arises, students will also have the opportunity to support after school events such as the Talent Show. Finally, leaders will be able to showcase their love of our community to incoming parents and students by guiding tours of our school and programs.