• The first resource for any family whose student needs support is the classroom or Title/LAP teacher. They are a wealth of knowledge and are formally educated in literacy education. 

    When you are seeking more education as a parent, beware that there are lots of sites out there that make erroneous claims about learning and instruction. Below are some resources for families to use as a starting point. Please note that MISD does not monitor external sites for their updates. That said, these are some generally reputable sites.

    Reading at Home

    Reading Rockets

    U.S. Department of Education

    American Academy of Pediatrics

     Reading is Fundamental

    Get Ready to Read   

    National PTA Guides 


    Book/Article list:

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    7 keys to comprehension: How to help your kids read it and get it! Zimmermann, S., & Hutchings, C., (2003). New York: Three Rivers Press.