• Opinion Writing Project
    Our Second Grade class wrote persuasive letters to a family member to convince them of a need we think we have.
    Click on the videos below to hear our letters set to stop-motion videos.

    Antoni - Why I should have 1 hour of video game time per day


    Beckett Why I should have a pet guinea pig


    Brayden Why I should have my own YouTube Channel


    Clare Why I should have an iPad


    Dillyn Why I should have a computer


    Edwin Why I should have a puppy


    Ella Why I should have a pomeranian dog


    Jay Why I should have a bigger bed


    Jordan Why I should have a bigger bed


    Lila Why I should have a dessert every Friday


    Owen Why I should have a pet fish


    Parth Why I should have an iPad


    Robin Why I should have an Xbox


    Skye Why we should have a mansion


    Theodora Why I should play your Xbox games


    Tiffany Why I should have a short chapter book series