• Puget Sound Animal Report Resources

    Use these resources to help learn about Puget Sound Animals.


    These are links click them open directly.

    Monterey Bay Aquarium Animal Guide Click on a category (birds, fish, invertebrates, mammals... first.  Then click on any animal in that category to learn more. 


    Common Plants and Animals of Puget Sound  Click on the name of an animal on the list to learn more. 


    Slater Museum Marine Exhibit Click on the image of any animal to learn more. 



    These are documents. You will need to open the document and then click the links. 

    Puget Sound Animal Research Links  This table has many animals on a grid with a few links for each in the box.  Click any link to learn more. 


    Sea Life Websites  This is just a list of links to animals that might interest you. Click any link to learn more.