Your research will probably take you past these resources to more specific books and websites about your topic.  Ask your teacher and/or the library staff for help locating and using resources.


    REFERENCE BOOKS for Background Research


    Call Number


    R 031

    General Encyclopedias (World Book, Americana, Compton’s)

    R 306 BOW

    Bowling, Beatniks and Bell Bottoms

    R 306 JUN

    Encyclopedia of World Cultures

    R 306.4 WOR

    Celebrations and Rituals Around the World

    R 338.5 VAL

    Value of a Dollar

    R 391 PEN

    Fashion, Costume, and Culture

    R 910 GAL

    Encyclopedia of Nations (multi volume set)

    R 910 WOR

    World Book Encyclopedia of People and Places

    R 912 (several)

    Atlases of the World – see bottom of Ref. shelves

    R 940.53 HAN

    American Home Front in World War II, Almanac

    R 973 GRE

    Greenwood Encyclopedia of Daily Life in America

    R 973 JUN

    Junior Worldmark Encyclopedia of the States

    R 973.91 UXL

    UXL American Decades

    TOPIC AREAS  - Good print materials are in both Nonfiction and Reference!

    Note: Call number ranges are given for books whose main focus is that topic.  Other books relevant to your research might be found in other areas of the IMS library.  Use the library catalog, or consult library staff or your teacher for help.


    Immigration – Call Numbers 304-305

    World War II – Call Numbers  940.53, 940.54

    Korean War - Call Number 951.904

    Vietnam War - Call Number 959.704

    United States Life – 20th Century - Call Number 973.9

    Decades of American History   973.9XX (call numbers vary by decade; these have white covers and are all shelved in the same general area)



    IMS Library Databases

    We subscribe to several useful databases.  Access them here: http://www.mercerislandschools.org/Page/9092

    Try databases from both the General section as well as History/Culture.  Try CultureGrams!


    King County Library System Student Accounts  kcls.org/students

    Your public library Student Account gives you access to KCLS databases and other online resources.  On the Student Account page, click on Middle and High School Students, then Databases.  Login when prompted:  your account number is 400XXXXXX (substitute your 6-digit ASB number for XXXXXX) and your password is the last 4 digits of your ASB number.  For database selection, click first on “Online Library” at the top of the home screen to view a list of databases by subject area.


    Ellis Island Website - http://www.ellisisland.org/

    Free genealogy searching for immigrants who passed through Ellis Island, plus searching by ship, ship illustrations, and other resources.


    National Archive Website - https://www.archives.gov/

    A collection of documents, records, and resources for United States history (people, places, and events). Research veteran records, primary source material, and much, much, more.