As an extension of our Electricity Unit, we are exploring circuits using Little Bits to create simple circuits, pre-planned projects, and hopefully inventions of our own design!
     Wonder what Little Bits are?  Check out this Video!

    What is littleBits? from littleBits on Vimeo.

    Ready to try our first tasks in class?  Click to download these worksheets.  On your iPad, select "open in" and choose Notability.  Then get started exploring and recording your ideas.  



    *** *** *** *** *** Day 1 *** *** *** ***

    Task 1 a Simple Circuit with Barograph -- Barograph task 1a


    Task 1 B -- Simple Circuit with Buzzer Buzzer task 1b


    *** *** *** *** *** Task 2 *** *** *** ***

    Task 2 A  -- Add a Fan to a Circuit Little Bits Fan Task 2A


    Task 2 B -- Add a Motor to a Circuit Little Bits Motor Task 2B