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    Technology Integration Specialists
    Lakeridge, Island Park, Northwood and West Mercer Elementary Schools

    Julie Hovind                                                       Kara Millsap
         3rd - 5th Grade focus                                Pre-K through 2nd Grade focus
    julie.hovind@mercerislandschools.org                        kara.millsap @mercerislandschools.org
    (206) 227-4026      
                                                                      (206) 414-8341
    (cell reception is unreliable so please default to email)

    Schedule is driven by teacher requests. We move between all sites daily-weekly.  
     In general think of us as by appointment and please reach out in person or email to set up a time when we can support you with training, model lessons, co-teaching, project/curriculum planning and more.

    In Mercer Island, technology is integrated into the classroom experience to support curriculum and the district's 2020 vision: 
    Our students will thrive in the cognitive, digital, and global world while sustaining their passion and inspiration for learning.

                                 Technology Integration  Program
    To support teachers' work to integrate technology effectively into their instructional practice, two elementary teachers on special assignment, TOSAs, funded by the levy travel between our four elementary schools.  What's a TOSA? Glad you asked! That's us!  Kara Millsap (PreK-2 focus) and Julie Hovind (3-5 focus). Julie left her 5th grade classroom to take on this role in 2008. Kara stepped into this position from her first grade class in 2011. Together we are here to serve teachers and students as we work to integrate technology into classroom practice to enhance instructional value. Curriculum design to find integration opportunities in units, project ideas, training on software or technology standards, model lessons, grant and pilot implementation support, help in the lab, work with individual students and small groups -- you name it and we are on it!  Please ask if and when you have curriculum needs and training requests.