• Students interested in pursuing either full or part-time Running Start during their Junior or Senior year, should carefully review the following information with their family, prior to meeting with their alpha counselor. Appointments can be made with a counselor AFTER all steps have been completed.

    Information about Running Start (please review!)
    Running Start Informational Video 2022-23
    2022-23 Running Start FAQ
    Bellevue College Running Start overview (Bellevue College is not the only Running Start program available to students, but it is the most common campus for MIHS students)
    Bellevue College information sessions - attendance at a session is highly recommended

    Before doing anything else, you must FIRST apply to Bellevue College (or other RS program)
    Bellevue College Application 

    Be sure to submit your application as a FIRST YEAR not as Running Start.
    Follow all email directions provided by the college before any further action can be taken (this process can take many days or more and requires verification of vaccination status/exemption), then continue below.

    Step 1: Complete and sign the Running Start participation agreement (must be signed each year)
    Step 2: Review MIHS_BC Course Equivalencies 
    Step 3: Outline your MIHS and RS course plan to prepare for your Counselor meeting (make sure to consider your graduation requirements, you can see what requirements you have completed by checking your graduation requirements tab in Skyward)
    Step 4: Pring, sign, and fill out your RS Enrollment Verification Form
    Step 5: Set up counselor meeting (make an appointment with Counseling Assistants for April or May). Students must bring all documents to the appointment. RSEVF forms will not be accepted by email.
    Step 6: Follow college directions to submit signed RSEVF. Students will be UNABLE to register for classes until the college has confirmed receipt of the RSEVF form. Students can then register for classes through CTCLink. MIHS Counselors are unable to assist with this process.