Step by Step Process for Applying to Crest

  • Crest Application Procedure

    Interest in attending Crest can be initiated by a Student, Parent, Teacher, IEP Provider, Case Manager, HS Guidance Counselor or outside agency. Call or email the assigned counselor at Mercer Island High School or call the counseling department secretary at 206-236-3354. 

    Guidance Counselors 

    (A-D) Susie Brown 206-236-3362

    (E-J) Anam Schlueter 206-230-6013

    (K-M) James Tanksley 206-236-3364

    (N-Si) Molly Smith 206-236-3365

    (Sj-Z) Katy Johnson 206-236-3355

    Incoming freshmen's contact is their Middle School Counselor.

    Process of Admission

    Once a student has been referred and identified by committee, a visit to Crest is scheduled through the MIHS Counselor and the Crest Administrative Assistant. 

    After the visit, the student is interviewed by Crest staff and if accepted, a Crest Application will be completed as well as a required letter written by the student explaining why they want to attend.

    Crest applications are available at Crest Learning Center as well as in the Mercer Island High School Counseling Department.

    Once the student is prepared for admission, they begin their classes as soon as possible. Student Guidance Counselors will update the student schedule to reflect changes.

    The MIHS and Crest Staff collaborate to align academic, social and personal growth for each individual student. Crest Teachers and Counselors keep in regular contact to measure success and provide support. 

    If you have further questions please contact Beverly vanHartesvelt, Crest Administrative Assistant 206-236-3390