• Global Reading Challenge for Fourth and Fifth Graders

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    What is the Global Reading Challenge?

    The Global Reading Challenge is sponsored by the King County Library System.  Thirty fourth and fifth grade students compete in five teams of six students to read and master the content of six books chosen by King County Librarians.  Students meet with Miss Harnish and their teammates one day a week from the end of November to late January 2020. 

    Where and when will GRC meet? We will meet at lunchtime in the library on Wednesdays, 12:35 - 1:15pm.  

    MEETING DATES: 11/13, 11/20, 12/4, 12/11, 12/18, 1/8, 1/15, 1/22.  There will be more dates for the team that wins the in-school competition.

    1) This Year’s Books: click here


    2) King County Librarians Demonstrate How the GRC Competition Works

    What if a student can’t attend all practices?

    Please contact the GRC coach, Miss Harnish (molly.harnish@mercerislandschools.org),  if you are unable to attend a practice.  Attendance is important. You may also call us at 206-275-5866.  Students who are having attendance problems may be asked to leave GRC.

    What should a student bring to GRC practices?

    Students are required to bring the book they are currently reading to each GRC practice.  Showing up without your book is like Russell Wilson showing up to a game without his football helmet.  You won’t be able to participate if you don’t bring your book. A student should also bring a positive, team attitude to each lunchtime’s practice.  We understand that missing lunch recess can be challenging, but we do need students to be ready to participate.

    What happens at a GRC practice?

    At most of our practices students are reading their books and writing and answering questions.  As we get closer to the in-school challenge, we will practice competing in teams.

    Can a student be asked to leave GRC?

    A student may be asked to leave GRC for the following reasons:
    a) Attendance issues b) Forgetting to bring their book to practices  c) Participation issues

    If a student is having any of these issues, we will first contact parents to let them know there is an issue the student should work out.  If a student still can’t work it out, we will let parents know it would be best if a student did not participate in GRC.

    Where can I learn more about GRC?

    This website has more information about GRC.  You will find the types of questions that students will write and learn to answer and you will also find a video of a mock competition.  Go to shoreline schools website which has lots of great info.

    You can also go to the KCLS website: https://kcls.org/blogs/post/global-reading-challenge/

    Writing Global Reading Challenge Questions

    The most important part of preparing yourself for Global Reading Challenge competitions is writing and answering thoughtful questions about your books. You will write questions by visiting this page and clicking on the links below. Questions will be printed out and placed in your team’s question notebook at the end of every GRC meeting. Teams that have a strong collection of questions to practice from will be successful competitors. Here are some guidelines for writing questions.

    Take your time to deeply read your book.
    As you read your book, write questions for the book.
    You will learn about the different types of questions at our GRC meetings. The question types are identical to the ones that are used by the King County Librarians at the official Global Reading Challenges. Each week you will have more types of questions to choose from.
    Your goal is to write 5-10+ questions about each book BEFORE you turn the book in.
    You can write questions from home, school, or at our GRC meetings.
    You can write questions for a book you already turned in by sharing books with your teammates at GRC meetings.
    Take the time to write questions and help your team. It will deepen your own knowledge of the book. Turning in your book without writing questions is not helpful to your team or yourself.