• Certification/Recertification

    Certification and recertification are managed by the employee and coordinated through the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) certification system.  Guidance on the requirements for recertification can change so you are encouraged to always check the OSPI website for the latest information.  Recertification requires completion of college credits, clock hours and/or Personal Growth Plans (PGPs).  Human Resources will send "friendly reminders" as certificate expiration approaches but ultimately the employee is responsible for maintaining the professional credentials required for a position and must prepare for and apply for recertification.  

    Credits & Clock Hours

    Completing college credits and clock hours will advance a certificated employee on the salary schedule as outlined in the MIEA Contract.  Clock hours and college courses must be completed by September 30th to count for the current year and the transcripts and clock hour forms must be submitted to Human Resources by October 15th.  You are encouraged to submit these to HR as you earn them throughout the year.

    College Credits

    College credits can be used as clock hours for certification.  Upon completion of courses, submit an official transcript to Human Resources to ensure these are applied towards your advancement on the salary schedule. 

    Clock Hours

    Clock hours are earned through professional development courses which can be obtained either through the district or through approved clock hour providers (see link below).  Upon completion of courses, whether within the district or outside, the certificated employee must submit a "Clock Hours" form to Human Resources to ensure the clock hours are applied towards advancement on the salary schedule.

    All professional development hours (clock hours) offered by the district are recorded through the district’s professional development portal. You can see in the portal whether the course you take in the district qualifies for clock hours or not.   The professional development portal is not directly linked to Human Resources so, if you would like to use your clock hours for possible salary schedule movement, you must visit the professional development portal, print out the clock hour form for each completed course and submit that form to HR.  We encourage you to review this system at least once per year to determine if any clock hour forms need to be sent to HR to be recorded. 

    REMEMBER -- 10 clock hours = 1 credit!  Pursuant to WAC 181-85, all clock hours need to be granted by an “approved provider” – if you’re wondering if your course provider is an approved provider, annual lists are available from OSPI by clicking here:  Clock Hour Providers

    It is your responsibility to keep a record of your clock hours – so keep copies of all clock hour documents submitted to HR.  As always, feel free to contact HR with questions related to your salary placement, current credits and/or clock hours on file.