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    All employees working in an eligible position that requires at least 70 hours of compensated services per month during at least a 5 month period are required to participate in Washington State Retirement.  Certificated employees contribute to the Teachers Retirement System (TRS).  Classified employees contribute to the School Employees Retirement System (SERS).  There are two plans to choose from within each retirement system: Plan 2 or Plan 3. 

    New employees must submit an enrollment form within 90 days of employment.  If you do not submit a form and choose a plan, you will be defaulted into Plan 3, rate option A, SELF investment provider. 

    Your plan choice is irrevocable.

    Regardless of which plan you choose, the District will make monthly employer contributions to your Washington State Department of Retirement plan.  The employer contribution percentage is determined by the State of Washington and can change at any time.

    For more information, please review the retirement booklet, call 800-547-6657, or visit

    Live Benefit Summits

    DRS Benefits Summits from Department of Retirement Systems on Vimeo.


    The Department of Retirement Systems offers live Benefits Summit events for early- and mid-career members. The summits are held throughout Washington and we are always adding more locations!

    The summits offer a great way to find out more about your retirement plan and benefits:

    • Plan basics like how your benefit is calculated
    • Social security 101 and why you need an account
    • Investment basics – make your money work for youHow DCP can help you save more

    Seats can fill up fast, so you’re encouraged to register soon. View the schedule, and visit each summit’s register link to learn more about the event. Want to know when the schedule has new dates or locations? Sign up for Benefits Summits notification.

    DRS summit or seminar? What is the difference?

    • Summits are for members in early- and mid-career stages. These events inform you about your plan and how you can save more for retirement, right now, when it will make a big impact.
    • Seminars are for members in late career stages and include information valuable to those approaching retirement.

    Summits are the newest retirement planning service offered by DRS. The department also provides webinars, seminars and videos, all designed to help you prepare for and enjoy a successful retirement.

    If you are within five years of retirement, we encourage you to review the seminar information overview, and register online at your convenience. The DRS Education page provides useful information to help you with your retirement planning regardless of how close or far away it is.

    You can also sign up for online account access. This access will allow you to review your service credit, contributions, beneficiary information, and much more. You can also create a benefit estimate that is based on the data in your account.

    For pension benefit estimates, retirement planning, retirement plan documents, service credit and eligibility or sheltering additional income into a tax-deferred account (DCP) call the WA State Department of Retirement Systems at 1.800.547.6657.

    The earlier you begin retirement planning, the more successful your retirement will be. If you are within two years of retirement, this list of steps will help you set your final retirement plans in place. Get the Checklist. 

    Health Care Authority (HCA)/PEBB K12 Retiree Medical Information
    For information on health and dental plans for retirees, (medicare and non-medicare eligible), call 360-412-4200 or 1-800-200-1004.

    Social Security Administration
    For information on eligibility, survivor benefits, Medicare or to calculate your benefits call 1-800-772-1213.

    Washington State Legislative Hotline
    For legislative information affecting your employment and retirement call 1-800-562-6000.