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  • Welcome and Research feedback

    Posted by Julie Hovind on 2/10/2017
    Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge of science and process skills with our 4th grade class this year. We are so excited to get ready for Science Fair with your guidance.
    As we get ready to start, Mr. Cooke's high schoolers, please write to your buddy to share the research you have so far after meeting each other.
    Please start with your buddy's name to make it easy to find each other.
    Dear ____ (first name only)
    Mrs. Isaacs fourth graders please post your questions about your science fair topic on this blog. Be sure to include enough detail about your plan that your mentor can understand what you are thinking. Ask 2-3 questions about how to make your investigation stronger.
    Again, please start with your High School Mentor's first name in each post. Try to reply to the comment they sent with your name so your discussion stays nested together.
     As the planning discussion continues, Mr. Cooke's students please find your science buddy's name and respond to their questions.
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